New York, NY — Sydney Sweeney, the rising star known for her captivating performances in “Euphoria” and “Anyone But You,” recently graced the stage of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL). However, her appearance left viewers scratching their heads and wondering what went wrong.

The Monologue That Fell Flat

Sweeney’s monologue, which was supposed to be a highlight of the show, fell flat. Instead of witty jokes and engaging storytelling, she stumbled through her lines, leaving the audience bewildered.

Her attempts at humor were met with awkward silence, and even the seasoned SNL cast members struggled to react.

The “Madame Web” Disaster

During her monologue, Sweeney addressed her recent film “Madame Web,” which has been universally panned by critics. She attempted to make light of the situation, but her self-deprecating humor only highlighted the film’s failure.

The audience sat in uncomfortable silence as she joked about her lackluster performance in a forgettable superhero flick.

The Five-Point Plan Backfire

Sweeney’s revelation about her five-point plan to break into acting was equally cringe-worthy. Instead of inspiring aspiring actors, her plan came across as naive and ill-conceived. The step that raised eyebrows? “Show b**bs.”

The audience shifted uncomfortably in their seats, wondering if this was a desperate cry for attention or a misguided attempt at humor.

Rumor Control

Sweeney attempted to clear up rumors during her monologue, but her explanations fell flat. When addressing the Glen Powell affair rumor, her lack of conviction left viewers unconvinced.

The awkward glances exchanged between her and her fiancé, Jonathan Davino, only added to the discomfort.

The Verdict

In the end, Sydney Sweeney’s SNL appearance was a flop. Her lack of comedic timing, failed attempts at self-deprecation, and inability to connect with the audience left everyone wondering how she made it onto the iconic SNL stage.

Perhaps it’s time for Sweeney to stick to dramatic roles and leave the comedy to the professionals.

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