Stephanie Salas was placed in the middle of the controversy for her participation in the tribute that Doña Silvia Pinal received at the Palace of Fine Arts, especially since her aunt Alejandra Guzmán did not sing at the event.

During her meeting with the press at the Mexico City Airport, Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter was questioned about what she felt after the presentation she gave in honor of her grandmother, for what the artist said :

“Very well, the truth is very happy, it was something very personal, which I hope the public liked because she is my grandmother, and I did it because I am her granddaughter, and I think that in this case it is not like, she is very oblivious to to say if it is right or wrong, it is something of the heart and soul, and of the family, period”.

Regarding the comparisons that arose with the actresses Bianca Marroquín and Fela Domínguez, Salas replied: “The truth is that I have not stopped to see the criticism if it was for better or for worse because at the end of the day I felt good and I was in company of my family and that is the important thing”.

On the reason why the interpreter of “Making love with another” did not participate in the tribute to her famous mother, Stephanie said: “Well, I don’t know, the truth is that the directors asked me directly and that’s it. ”.

Finally, the mother of Michelle Salas confessed that at the moment there is nothing planned to celebrate the 92nd birthday of the matriarch of the Pinal dynasty on September 12.

“Oops! I’m failing you there too because I don’t know what’s going to happen, but being with her I definitely think it’s the most important thing,” she explained.

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