Marta Riesco had been away from the controversy that she seems to enjoy so much for too long and perhaps that is why, after returning from vacation and ending the summer of love that she has lived with her beloved Antonio David Flores, she returns to the fray.

The thing about Marta Riesco is a bit like the famous back to school in September and it is that the Telecinco reporter has used her Instagram profile to talk about how hateful comparisons are and, look where, what does she do by setting the example those that she has ‘suffered’ with Olga Moreno.

It seems that criticizing Olga is on the rise again and it is that she recently told you that Rocío Carrasco had publicly dumped her because, according to her, Antonio David has made her believe that she is the mother of David Flores, the son that Rociítio and the civil guard have in common.

In other words, Olga loves David as if he were her son, she is the one who takes care of him since she has separated from her husband and she still has to put up with the fact that her biological mother (who claims not to be ready to have a relationship with her children) criticize, sailor fabric.

Well now to these criticisms are added those of Riesco who returns to the media arena with an ephemeral Instagram stories that she knows very well that they will bring a tail. In her favor I have to say that it is the first time (at least that I remember) that Marta Riesco speaks ill of her boyfriend’s still wife.

Olga and David have been together for more than twenty years and, of course, that Marta speaks negatively about Moreno having only been with Antonio Da for 9 months is quite questionable. In any case, Riesco’s criticism is directed more at those who compare her with Olga and who continue to say that Olga is “the great master of Antonio David’s life” while they brand her as an opportunist or celebrity hunter.

“I have been facing this type of comments for many months, almost a year. I find the comparisons that are made between one and the other funny, but even more so when it is said that ‘she is a great woman who has not wanted protagonism’. I remind you, in case you don’t know, that I never entered ‘Survivors’ despite the offers, I never sat down in the Deluxe to talk about my life, I have never given interviews to talk about my life nor do I laugh at someone who He wants to get married… And no, I have not received a public pardon from anyone who said that I was only looking for a leading role.”

It amuses me that she says that she has not sat in a ‘Deluxe’ because she knows very well that she has not needed it since since ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ she could comment on her own life as a character whenever it was pertinent in the content of the stairs.

The same thing happens with interviews in magazines, let’s remember that it was commented that the cover of ‘Readings’ of laughter and complicity between her and her boyfriend would have been an “agreed robbery”, that is to say that they would have made the paripé pretending that it was all natural but I would be prepared.

That double standard is what I don’t like about Marta, look, I like the girl and I really like how she does her job as a reporter, however as a character from the heart, when she does this kind of thing, there are too many fringes hanging that never They just squared me off and it has nothing to do with Antonio Da’s dramas but with the circuses that she creates.

On the one hand she throws darts and on the other she says that she wants to be ‘the same as always’, in her usual job and blabla, she sells us the idea that she practically wanted to be anonymous but, in turn, she places herself in the trigger. Has no sense.

And even less has it to use the name of Olga Moreno just now that Rocío Carrasco also puts her back in her pillory to ride the wave of ‘hate’ or criticism against her. Riesco has also said that: “One is not a lady and the other (me), a dispossession. (…) Falling in love has caused me many problems, the most important in my work. Despite all the obstacles I have moved on, I have not given up and I have shown pride in our relationship. Because she is mine and I feel empowered to have fought, despite the world against ”.

The thing about ‘Olga is not a lady’ is a headline like the top of a pine tree and Marta knows it very well, so the whole speech afterward doesn’t fit me anymore. It is that if Marta had fallen in love respecting privacy and without entering into the game of the media and the heart at all, she would have left her alone after 5 minutes because she herself, as a character, does not matter.

Yet once again, she pulls out the same tasteless gum that she otherwise claims to loathe. Today it was Olga’s turn, we’ll see what she surprises us with tomorrow because this isn’t going to stop, even if the subject is already dead.

How did Antonio David Flores and Marta Riesco meet?

Antonio David Flores and Marta Riesco met on Telecinco. She had been infatuated with him for a long time but he was still with Olga. It is rumored that the relationship would have started in secret until Olga announced her separation and they were able to make it public.

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