Sofía Suescun and Kiko Jiménez, have they broken up?

Sofía Suescun and Kiko Jiménez, have they broken up?

There is no official confirmation

Sofia Suescun and Kiko Jimenez could have ended their relationship. At the moment there has been no official confirmation by any of those affected, but it was a message from Maite Galdeano to the presenter of “Save me” that has uncovered the box of thunder.

After a summer together in which they have taken the opportunity to travel and share some of their funniest moments on social networks, Kiko and Sofía could have ended their courtship.

With little more than two years of relationship behind them, the couple already had many plans in common for the future, so much so that both had begun to build a house a few meters from each other.

Waiting for one of the two to tell us more details about what has happened between them and whether or not there is a possibility of reconciliation, the truth is that Sofía has not published a photograph with her boy on her Instagram account for almost a month.

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