Lolita Flores makes a radical decision after her controversy about feminism

Lolita Flores makes a radical decision after her controversy about feminism

Last Saturday, September 4, Lolita Flores visited the set of ‘La sixth noche’ to address certain matters of general interest, such as the problems facing Afghanistan now for the Taliban seizure of power.

In this sense, a collation of the loss of women’s rights in the Asian country, the issue of feminism was also put on the table, and the singer was very forceful in her statements. “I am not a feminist. I am a human being and a woman, and I consider myself a very woman, so I do not like denigrating a man or a woman”.

But her words did nothing but add more fuel to the fire in that battlefield that Twitter seems to have become, and the criticism of Lolita Flores was on the rise.

“I am 63 years old and I know very well where I am standing. Fu*k those who get bored! I don’t have to be a feminist to defend human rights, and above all (to condemn) abusers, manipulators, etc., have the sex they have”, sentenced singer, to which she later added: “I am against those who take away freedom, peace, and those who humiliate women, children. I still believe in the human being, whatever kind he is. The bad guy to jail, the bad guy too. The abuse of minors, I despise them, leave me alone.”

Tired of the string of criticisms, reproaches and comments that were going to increase, Lolita Flores has made the radical decision to abandon her account on the social network.

“What shame, what ignorance and what boredom you have that you call me ignorant. I laugh at you. So I did not enter Twitter, I must have been ashamed to speak without knowing. What a shame Twitter has turned into a basket of boring snakes. See you never. I’m leaving Twitter forever, I’m not here to put up with impertinences”.

It is by no means the first known face to leave Twitter after being immersed in a controversy like this. Several years ago Javier Ambrossi, creator of ‘Paquita Salas’ or ‘Veneno’, did the same.

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