“My mother would have told me if there was something else. We tell each other almost everything ”- Sofía Cristo argues to those who are asked if it is true that her mother and Mustache Arrocet are a couple.

Cristina Tárrega, a great friend of Ángel Cristo’s daughter, has conveyed to the audience of “The Ana Rosa Program” the message with which Sofía demolishes the rumors that relate her mother to the Chilean comedian: “They’re just friends.”

Even so, and despite the fact that the news of a possible romance had caused stupor among those who know both, the truth is that Bárbara Rey and Bigote Arrocet have intensified the relationship that unites them in recent months, so no one is surprised that they went together to the party organized by the director of “Madrid Magazin” at the Wellington Hotel in Madrid.

Rey and Arrocet arrived together at the central hotel and, after posing together and accomplices, left together, in Bárbara Rey’s car, before midnight.

InfoLujo and the organizer of the event they attended together confirm the romance

It was as a result of arriving together at this event, held yesterday, when it was leaked to the media that “the couple had confirmed that they are a couple” to the rest of the party attendees.

The honoree herself on the birthday, Clara Tena, has assured colleagues who have contacted her that “Yesterday we lived magical moments with them. Hopefully they do well because they both deserve to be happy”.

The first medium to echo this information has been InfoLujo, which details that it was this Monday at night when both confirmed their courtship to those attending a Christmas party organized by businesswoman Clara Tena, director of Madrid Magazine.

The news of Bárbara Rey’s new love overshadows her possible appearance in the Senate

Apparently, the relationship between the two began like about three months, after having coincided in Telecinco for the program Secret Story, where the ex of María Teresa Campos was contestant and the former star defender of her daughter, also participant of reality.

Precisely the mother of Sofía Cristo was news a few days ago in the political pages for the petition of the Valencian politician from Compromís Carles Mulet for the actress to appear in the Senate to talk about the reserved funds that she supposedly would have received, not to mention her alleged relationship with the King Juan Carlos. Petition that was dismissed on Friday by the Bureau of the Senate Committee on the Interior.

Barbara raves about Mustache: “I’ve known him for 30 years and I can only speak well of him.”

Although, for now, the protagonists of this supposed love story have not commented on the nature of their feelings, they do not deny that they have resumed their old friendship since they met again on the set of “Secret Story”, where Barbara went as her daughter’s defender, and Bigote, as a contestant on the new Telecinco reality show.

There, the Murcia star has not hesitated to show her face for the Chilean when she has been questioned by Terelu Campos, another of the program’s collaborators, making clear her affection for Maria Teresa Campos’ ex-boyfriend.

“To me,” Barbara said to Terelu before Carlos Sobera, “Mustache has always shown me to be a very polite, loving and respectful person. I’ve known him for more than thirty years, because he worked with Ángel and me in the circus, and everything I can say about him is good.”

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