On a stretcher and under strict biosafety protocol, the actress Silvia Pinal arrived at her home, in the south of Mexico City, to continue treatment against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The “Televisa Espectáculos” program shared images of the precise moment in which the renowned Mexican actress arrived home, where it was observed that her family received her to applause.

In the middle of this news, Luis Enrique Guzmán, son of Silvia Pinal, declared to the press and said he was happy for the recovery of his famous mother: “We are very happy to have my mother in our house.”

In addition, Luis Enrique pointed out that his mother returned home on the recommendation of specialists and so that she is not exposed to new diseases.

“The decision was not ours. The doctor who was treating her recommended that because of her lung condition it was better to have her at home, than to have her exposed to other bacteria that are in the hospital”, he indicated.

Who is Silvia Pinal?

The artist is considered one of the greats of the golden cycle of national cinema, like other symbols of the time such as Dolores del Río (1904-1983) and María Félix (1914-2002).

Pinal became a close figure to a whole new generation of Mexicans when he produced and presented the anthology series “Mujer, cases de la vida real” (1986-2007) on broadcast television.

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