The previously self-confident and successful streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa caused a big surprise last Sunday shocked her fans. During a live stream, she revealed some things that certainly nobody expected and that got under the skin of many viewers. In the process, Amouranth broke emotionally almost together.

What happened?

As several clips from her stream last Sunday show, Amouranth first announced that she is not single, but probably has been married for some time. This news alone caused many of her fans to care a little shock. Because so far there has never been talk of a wedding. Instead, the streamer always gave the impression that she was not in a relationship. But this revelation was only the tip of a mighty iceberg.

Husband terrorizes Amouranth

Later in the stream, Amouranth tearfully explained that her husband (unspecified) already has her terrorized for some time. Among other things, he would force them to, working extremely long hours and streaming certain things to further boost the business around them. He also allegedly banned her from talking about their marriage as it would destroy her (lucrative) single status and viewership, respectively torpedo revenue would.

She provided evidence of his terrorizing nature during the live stream a phone call to her husband and activated the loudspeakers of her smartphone. It quickly became clear that the man on the other end of the line was extremely dominant and aggressive. He threatened to do so in front of the camera, not only the career of Amouranth and to destroy their financial means.

As it turned out during the stream, the unidentified husband seems full control over the accounts and income to have from Amouranth. He threatened several times literally burning the money. In addition, the streamer showed several proofs of the violent outbursts of her husbandamong other things, a broken door lock could be seen.

Ever since that stream, it’s been all about Amouranth become very calm. All of their social media channels remained silent as a result, so many fans are very worried the condition or safety of the streamer. So far she has not spoken, nor has there been another stream to watch. Some of her viewers worry that her husband put more pressure on her.

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