Embark upon a journey into the enigmatic realm of one of America’s most notorious serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer, and acquaint yourself with the woman who once bore the title of his stepmother, Shari Jordan. Although scant information exists regarding her early years, Jordan’s affiliation with the infamous murderer has rendered her a subject of captivation and allure for aficionados of true crime spanning the globe.

As the former spouse of Lionel Dahmer and a witness to the macabre occurrences that unfurled within the confines of their domestic abode, Shari Jordan’s narrative proffers a distinctive vantage point into the unsettling psyche of one of history’s most malevolent figures.

Shari Jordan

Lionel Dahmer: Consort of Shari Jordan

In 1978, Shari Jordan united her destiny with Lionel Dahmer, thereby becoming his second wife. Their matrimonial union persisted for an impressive four decades, culminating with Shari’s demise. Together, they parented a son named David, who was accompanied by an elder stepbrother stemming from Lionel’s prior marital bond.

Lionel Dahmer’s initial nuptials were to Joyce Dahmer, from which union emerged a son named Jeffrey. Subsequent to Joyce’s departure while Jeffrey was yet a child, Lionel resolved to remarry, entering into matrimony with Shari Jordan.

Born in 1936 in West Allis, Wisconsin, Lionel Dahmer is indelibly etched in history as the father of the infamous serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer. As of the year 2023, he endures, actively participating in several interviews subsequent to his son’s malevolent actions becoming public knowledge. Additionally, Lionel penned a tome chronicling his son’s life, aptly titled “A Father’s Story.”

The Offspring of Lionel Dahmer and Shari Jordan

Shari and Lionel Dahmer’s progeny included a lone scion, christened David Dahmer. Prior to Shari’s union with Lionel, he bore a son named Jeffrey Dahmer from a former matrimony with his ex-wife Joyce. Upon Shari’s marriage to Lionel Jordan, the fates of David and Jeffrey interwove as they journeyed into stepbrotherhood.

Stepson of Shari Jordan

By virtue of her marriage to Lionel Dahmer, Shari Jordan claimed the mantle of stepmother to Jeffrey Dahmer, whose notoriety reverberates as one of the most malefic serial killers within American annals.

Between the years 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey orchestrated a grisly tally of 17 murders coupled with acts of cannibalism. His biological progenitor, Joyce Dahmer, met her demise in the year 2000. David Dahmer, his stepbrother, endures. Jeffrey’s own life was terminated whilst incarcerated, succumbing to the violent hands of a fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver.

The Demise of Shari Jordan

Regrettably, the earthly sojourn of Shari Jordan was tragically truncated in 2012, at a tender age of 58. Her transition occurred serenely, enveloped by the embrace of her cherished kinsfolk, including her five biological grandchildren, within the haven of her daughter’s domicile.

Her legacy remains effulgent, preserved through cherished reminiscences shared with loved ones, and the solace extended to her familial sphere. May she repose in serenity, enshrined fondly in the memories of those who crossed paths with her.

Insights from Shari Dahmer on Jeffrey

In the year 2004, Shari and Lionel graced the Larry King Live show, embarking on a discourse regarding their contemplations on Jeffrey Dahmer. Sustaining communication with him during his incarceration, they maintained a belief in his possession of a mental affliction.

In the course of this broadcast, Shari articulated her aspiration to avert the emergence of similar individuals to Jeffrey, underscoring the exigency of comprehending the rationales that underpinned his malevolent deeds.

Diverging from her stepson David, Shari manifested a sense of pride in the familial surname, eschewing any inclination to distance herself from it. In a subsequent engagement with Dr. Phil in November 2022, Lionel introspected on how Jeffrey charted a nadir on the “spectrum of malevolent behavior.”

Shari Jordan: Unveiling the Stepmother of American Serial Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer reigns as one of America’s most notorious serial killers, his sordid exploits chronicled in media outlets for years. His saga even inspired a cinematic depiction that garnered global accolades and acknowledgment. However, a figure less spotlighted but equally integral to this narrative emerges: Shari Jordan, his stepmother.

Shari Jordan, initially an ordinary woman, found herself enmeshed in a familial tapestry where her role transitioned from stepmother to a figure inextricably linked to the horrors perpetrated by her stepson. Subsequent to this juncture, she evolved into a figure of fascination, intriguing connoisseurs of true crime across the world. Reports suggest she occupied a pivotal stance as a witness to the chilling episodes that unfolded within the confines of her domicile, courtesy of her stepson.

Shari Jordan graced the world on May 8, 1953, in Columbus, Ohio, within the United States of America. Her parentage traced back to Howard M. and Olive Jean Miller Jordan.

Though the shroud of obscurity obscures much of her early chronicle, Shari Jordan’s identity is eternally intertwined with her role as the stepmother of the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer.

The Trajectory of Shari Jordan’s Professional Pursuits

Our knowledge of Jordan’s vocational endeavors remains limited. However, an explosive tête-à-tête on the Larry King Live show in 2004 unveiled that she bore an uncommon pride in the Dahmer patronym, a sentiment in stark contrast to her son David, fruit of her union with Lionel Dahmer.

During this interaction, she unveiled that she wielded the Dahmer epithet within the realm of commerce. This revelation stands as a testament to her capability to forge a professional path despite the specter of her stepson’s atrocious misdeeds.

Shari Jordan’s Financial Portfolio

Unfortunately, details regarding Jordan’s financial standing remain elusive.

The Fabric of Shari Jordan’s Familial Nexus

In the year 1978, Jordan espoused Lionel Dahmer, intertwining their destinies. Lionel Dahmer, progenitor of Jeffery Dahmer from his antecedent marriage to Joyce Dahmer (nee Flint), was now Shari’s consort. Notably, Joyce Dahmer bore the mantle of a hypochondriac. She extricated herself from Lionel Dahmer’s orbit subsequent to a court decree that vested her husband with ownership of the family’s abode until the ultimate resolution of their divorce.

Narrating her account within the Oxygen documentary titled “Dahmer On Dahmer,” Jordan unveiled her maiden encounter with the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer within the precincts of his maternal abode in Columbus, Wisconsin. She characterized her stepson as “vulnerable,” evoking an impulse to embrace a maternal role in his life. Jordan further intimated that the murderer harbored sentiments of “embarrassment and shame” in the aftermath of his parents’ marital dissolution, his adeptness at concealing these emotions proving impressive.

Jordan articulated, “My intention, much like anyone else’s, was to nurture him. He exuded vulnerability. Even if I hadn’t been his stepmother throughout his life, as a mother, you instinctively sense these nuances. When his mother departed and he elected to remain, a palpable sense of isolation enveloped him, precipitating his inaugural act of homicide.”

However, her revelation unveiled a sinister aspect of his persona as she discovered his struggles with alcoholism, encountering him in a state of inebriated repose. She dubbed him a “covert alcoholic,” accusing him of surreptitiously pilfering spirits from the cabinet and replacing them with their insipid counterpart. No telltale omens heralded the extent of his malevolence, according to her account.

Further revelations by Jordan pertained to her observations within Jeffrey Dahmer’s domicile. During their visits, alongside her husband, they ascertained a residence immaculately maintained, a facade of normalcy masking the horrors that lurked beneath.

Subsequent events saw the apprehension of Jeffrey Dahmer, facing charges for the murder of 17 individuals. His ignominious deeds and court appearances seized the limelight of media attention. Notably, both Lionel Dahmer and Shari Jordan stood steadfast in support of their son, a stance sustained throughout his trials and incarceration. Their unwavering belief in his mental illness persisted, attributing a fraction of his soul’s demise to events antedating his abhorrent actions. This conviction endured even as Lionel Dahmer engaged in a conversation with Dr. Phil in November 2022, reflecting upon Jeffrey’s descent to the nadir of moral debasement.


Shari Jordan’s journey concluded in the year 2012, her legacy perpetuated through cherished recollections nurtured by her beloved, enveloping her familial orbit with solace.

Her existence, forever entwined with Jeffrey Dahmer’s malevolent narrative, continues to cast a shadow upon the tapestry of his infamy. A Netflix series, “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” unveiled in 2022, brought to life her persona, portrayed by the thespian prowess of Hollywood actress Molly Ringwald.

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