Shakira’s difficult moment during her vacation that filled everyone with concern.

The Colombian star had a jet ski accident and fans almost died of a heart attack.

Shakira and her sons, Sasha and Milan, are in Miami enjoying the city, their home and the return to studies with the new course. From what can be seen on social networks, in her free time the singer takes advantage of every moment with her offspring to practice the activities they like the most. Going out to the pier and doing water sports are some of them.

Gerard Piqué’s ex seeks to make the little ones happy in their new home in spite of the difficult separation. That’s why this week, on the occasion of Labor Day, mother and children put on their life jackets and along with other little friends, went out on the jet ski for a ride on the water.

Shakira’s accident that shocked the entire music industry

Shakira wanted to spend a day with a lot of joy but it seems that the weather conditions did not help, so the route was shorter than usual, returning to the dock earlier than expected. What no one imagined is the accidental moment that the singer would live and that was shown exclusively on the Spanish program. And now Sonsoles, from Antena 3.

From what the video of Gerard Piqué’s ex shows, surfing is something better for her than riding a jet ski. According to the images and the Spanish journalist, Tatiana Arús, “which shows how the singer first stumbles on the pier and then, when she wants to bring the bike closer to the pier, she ends up increasing the speed and slamming it against the pier,” she said.

Shakira is having one of the best moments after years in the shadow of the former Catalan footballer. Anyway, there are certain activities that if you have not learned it as a child, you will not be able to do it the same as others and that is why, from our deep heart, we ask our beloved “Shak” to take care of herself.

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