Shakira’s children already live with Clara Chía Martí, she is serious with Piqué

Shakira’s children already live with Clara Chía Martí, she is serious with Piqué

Despite all the hate that social network users throw at the relationship between Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Piqué, it seems to be working, because it seems more and more serious, because the young Spanish woman already knows the soccer player’s parents and now she even lives with her children.

That’s right, the children of Shakira, Sasha and Milan, already spend time with their father’s new girlfriend, this has generated outrage for all netizens, who believe that the footballer should respect his family, because of the way in which things ended with the Colombian singer.

Well, since the breakup of one of the most stable couples in the middle was announced, the hatred towards the number three of Barcelona was present, since according to rumors he had been unfaithful in the relationship and when it was confirmed that he quickly started another with a girl much younger than him, all the rumors ended up being true for the fans.

Shakira and Piqué have used their official accounts to ask Internet users to stop, because apparently they try to continue with their lives pretending they don’t care, that’s what Gerard does by continuing with Clara, even after all the horrible things that are said about both of them.

Well, it is rumored that the FC Barcelona defender would have bought a mansion to go live with his new love, since he plans something serious with her, so the 23-year-old is living more with the children of the soccer player Sasha and Milan.

Some photographs of this particular moment were circulating, in which the two little ones appeared playing ball with their father, a cute furry four-legged friend and a mysterious girl, it is believed that she is Clara Chía Martí, with whom the children are living.

Throughout this complicated process, Shakira has tried to be more united than ever with her children, taking them on vacation, spending quality time with them, attending games, events and all kinds of things with her little ones, they became like a refuge for her.

That is why both artists are in talks to try to reach an agreement with the other party and that it is fair to spend time with the two little ones.

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