“Barefoot” is the foundation that singer Shakira organized at the end of 1990, with the aim of providing help to the Colombian children’s community, making schools with the communities that are required, non-profit. Due to this great action she was appointed goodwill ambassador of UNICEF.

Now Shakira continues to take charge of her project to help the children of her native country, she was sharing one more achievement with her millions of followers, since the artist she is aware that her influence and relevance is very powerful, that is why she wants to use it in something positive.

One more school was created in La Guajir, a small excerpt and explanation is available in the post she made on her social networks, the music celebrity being an example to follow, encouraging others to do meaningful actions for others.

Shakira has created other projects so that all the funds raised are used for something positive, her intelligence has been implemented by focusing on adolescents and children who need it most in Latin America and always checking that work is being done on it.

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“We inaugurated in La Guajira a new school @fpiesdescalzos with our partners “Educate a Child” and the local government. Built with solar panels, carbon efficient, from local materials, and one of the few in the area, it is a place of doors open to the indigenous Wayuu community.”
“Many of our students attend from remote areas with free transportation.
We are happy to be able to reach another place in need in Colombia and provide an oasis for more Colombian children!”

In the comments you could read how the fans thanked Shakira for his good intentions to help, some others dared to say that he did more than many politicians in the country.

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