About two months after the defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp is back in business: the actor is to redeem a seven-figure sum from a multi-year contract with a luxury brand. There are also successes as musicians and painters.

Johnny Depp currently has no money worries. After losing his roles in the “Fantastic Beasts” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, the US actor has found a new lucrative source of income: he is the face of a new campaign for the luxury brand Dior and its fragrance Sauvage. According to the US portal “TMZ”, the campaign should stretch over several years and bring Depp a seven-figure sum of money.

“Sauvage brings back a lot of memories for me”

Dior gave the first glimpses of the campaign on Tuesday on Instagram: two black and white photo series showed Depp with sunglasses and a guitar in the backstage area of ​​the Paris music hall L’Olympia. One photo also shows the perfume being advertised next to a guitar neck. The company quotes Depp: “Sauvage brings back a lot of memories for me, a lot of imagination. Things that you smelled in childhood and when I smell them, I see the person who wore them again. It’s a sensual memory , a smell can send you on a journey.”

Work as a musician and painter

In an additional video, Depp recalls the many encounters he has had in the Paris Music Hall, including his concert with Jeff Beck, with whom he has toured Europe as a musician in recent months. In addition, the 59-year-old has now gone under the painters: Works of art made by him were recently sold for more than three million euros. The collaboration with Dior has existed since 2015 and was never ended despite allegations of violence from Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard.

At the beginning of June, Depp emerged victorious from the defamation lawsuit against Heard: his ex-wife had to pay him millions. But Heard is not defeated: According to US media reports, after a failed application for the verdict to be overturned, she should appeal against the verdict. Depp apparently also wants to take this step, it is said.

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