“Last year was a difficult year for me, but a year later I feel very calm, very happy, the only thing I can say is that everything, absolutely everything happens. Everything is part of a process and it did stay a bit on the air, it really was something that came out spontaneously and was saved, I have not given absolutely any statement, but I do feel like doing it, what happens is that it is a long story, it is a complicated story and I am looking for the platform, the means to do it, and share with the followers and the media what really happened, “she commented on the matter.

Later, Maldonado confessed that she sought professional help to deal with the problems in his personal life. “There were many therapies, but I am going to tell you absolutely everything, this is not the space or the moment, but the truth is that, from a distance, I feel calm, I feel happy. What I can share right now is that life sometimes has very painful processes and the only thing I have learned is how to handle them, learn from circumstances and get ahead. Right now I’m back in Mexico City ”.

However, the 41-year-old artist stressed: “Yes I want to share it, I just want to find a way to transmit it in a way where it will not be misinterpreted, from a position where I no longer feel like a victim of circumstances but rather a person who went through a process ”.

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