Santiago Matías, known as Alofoke, is a recognized Dominican character related to the media and urban music. He was born on December 6, 1981 in Capotillo, Santo Domingo. From an early age, he showed a great interest in music and technology, which laid the foundation for his career and success in the entertainment industry.

Santiago Matias’ Early Career and Passion for Urban Music

Santiago Matias: Dominican Media Mogul Who Revolutionized Urban Music

As a teenager, Santiago Matias began to explore the reggaeton genre and other urban music styles, influenced by the music movement in Puerto Rico. As he grew older, he demonstrated curiosity and entrepreneurship, studying English and acquiring knowledge in technology and computers at a computer institute.

While Santiago held temporary jobs at a glass factory and a bank, he always felt his true passion and potential lay elsewhere. His desire for freedom and to be his own boss led him to pursue opportunities in media and music.

The Birth of Alofoke Radio Show and Recognition in the Music Scene

Santiago Matias found his calling in the media and the promotion of urban music. Using the power of the internet and social networks, he created the online platform Alofoke Radio Show, quickly making it a reference in the urban music scene in the Dominican Republic.

Alofoke Radio Show stood out for its innovative approach and its ability to promote artists and genres that were not receiving mainstream attention. Santiago’s influence extended beyond his native country, reaching an international audience.

Development of Alofoke TV and Success on Digital Platforms

Aware of the power of digital platforms, Santiago Matias expanded his reach by creating Alofoke TV, a YouTube channel that quickly became a popular destination for urban music lovers in the Dominican Republic. Alofoke TV became a platform where urban music was promoted and featured exclusive interviews with prominent artists.

Despite facing challenges, such as the temporary demonetization of his channel due to copyright claims, Santiago Matias persisted and regained monetization, continuing his success on digital platforms.

Santiago Matias’ Influence and Legacy

Through his radio show, Alofoke Radio Show, and his YouTube channel, Alofoke TV, Santiago has provided support and promotion to local artists, helping to propel their careers and expand the reach of Dominican urban music. His story of overcoming obstacles and his commitment to his passion is an inspiring example for those looking to pursue their dreams.

Alofoke Media Group and Entrepreneurship.

In addition to his success in the digital realm, Santiago Matias has ventured into entrepreneurship, excelling as an entrepreneur and marketing strategist. Through his company, Alofoke Media Group, he has diversified his activities and has created several programs and content related to urban music and entertainment.

Santiago has demonstrated the importance of consistency, originality and openness to seek advice to achieve success. His inspiring story and focus on hard work is an example for those who are in pursuit of their dreams and goals.

The successful launching of Cerveza República La Tuya by Santiago Matias

Santiago Matias launched Cerveza República La Tuya after a year and a half of working on the project. The beer was produced in Spain due to restrictions in the Dominican Republic, but they have managed to supply the market and gain the trust of distributors and consumers. The official launch took place at Galeria 360, where 300 cases were sold out in 20 minutes. Santiago took advantage of his influence on social networks and his interview with singer Ozuna to promote the beer, generating great impact and demand. He emphasized the role of consumers as brand ambassadors and highlighted the innovation and potential of República La Tuya beer. He also mentioned that they have plans for international expansion and a project in the United States. Santiago feels proud of his trajectory and would not change anything in his journey, as challenges and success motivate him constantly. He also thanked the support of artists such as Nicky Jam in the promotion of the beer.

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