Sánchez Dragó, against Dabiz Muñoz: “I have never eaten so many bullipolleces before”

Sánchez Dragó, against Dabiz Muñoz: “I have never eaten so many bullipolleces before”

“There is no tasting menu that deserves to pay 365 euros,” the writer highlighted

Fernando Sánchez Dragó shared this Tuesday on his Twitter profile the opinion he deserves the much commented price rise from the tasting menu of DiverXo, the restaurant run by Dabiz Muñoz.

The writer also criticizes the quality of the dishes offered by the husband of Cristina Pedroche in his business.

The 85-year-old writer believes that “there is no tasting menu that is worth paying 365 euros”: “That is silly. I was once in Diverxo, but I did not pay. Never before had he eaten so many bulls; later, either. I have nothing against that cook, but against what he serves, yes”.

“That experience was related in a chronicle of” El Mundo. ” I don’t remember the year, but it was the same year that Ratzinger came to Madrid and around the same dates. Half a chronicle was mine; the other half, from Sostres. We agreed”, he added.

Last November, the newspaper “CInco Días” reported that as of January 2022, the restaurant in Muñoz amounts to which 150 euros per person had to be added if you wanted to enjoy the wine selection made by the sommelier Miguel Angel Muñoz, or 300 if a high-end pairing was desired.

This price increase means that the DiverXo restaurant is above the price of Martín’s Berasategui, where the tasting menu costs 290 euros, or the Eneko Atxa, 250 euros.

The controversy is also served since Sánchez Dragó is not the only one who has expressed his disagreement with the price. Too Carmen Lomana has highlighted the unnecessary of the climb.

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