More than twenty years after the mythical appearance of Salma Hayek arm in arm Luis Miguel in her first Oscar Awards in 1997, rumors are still emerging regarding her relationship with one of the most important singers of music in Spanish, who was accompanying her at all times of the evening.

Luis Miguel and Salma Hayek

Luis Miguel and Salma Hayek

It is well said that photographs are the closest thing to a time machine, as they have the power to transport us to the most memorable moments in history with just a glance. It was precisely a photo published by the actress through her official Instagram account that dusted off this important fact of her career. in post Salma Hayek showed one of the most surreal and difficult to assimilate postcards for the fans of both celebrities, since it is very surprising the crossover For those who didn’t see it with their own eyes. That is why we bring you a brief review of that episode, clarifying those conjectures that were naturally made around their relationship.

It all happened 25 years ago, when the Veracruz native was invited for the first time to the important award ceremony after appearing in the film ‘From Dusk to Dawn’, which opened the doors for her in Hollywood, placing her as one of the most important Latino references in the nineties.

Without anyone suspecting it in advance, Salma Hayek attended the gala of the Oscar Awards in the company of the “Sol de México”, immediately capturing the attention of all the media present on the red carpet. As was well mentioned in one of the many transmissions, the reaction of those present was to pounce on them.

It was to be expected that wrong conclusions would immediately be reached about the relationship that both had, since their chemistry raised suspicions of a possible courtship. Sooner than later the reporters questioned them dozens of times about it and every time the artists denied a romance.

We have been friends for 12 years. I already see your face as if to say that there is something suspicious between us. I’m sorry to disappoint you,” declared the jarocha.

Although at the time it was quite a scandal, later the actress and Luis Miguel They began with separate love relationships, leaving no room for more rumors around them. For its part, Salma Hayek paired up with the actor Edward Norton and shortly after the “Sun” began a courtship with Daisy Fuentesa famous presenter.

As it is always good to remember, the actress recalled this episode in her life on social networks, where she wrote the following words: “20 years ago at my first Oscars with my friend Luis Miguel. My God, how skinny was she!”

In addition, a few days before the birthday of Luis Miguel, Salma Hayek She called on her fan community to contact her with the singer to congratulate him directly. Getting her to once again talk about what happened in the past between them.

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