Like a “Motomami”, Georgina Rodríguez in Rosalía’s concert

Georgina Rodríguez in Rosalía’s concert

The “Motomami” gathered! On the night of July 19 Rosalia was offering one of her most outstanding shows of her tour in the city of Madrid, Spain, which managed to attract important figures from the artistic world, among which was the successful businesswoman Georgina Rodríguez in the company of her family and friends.

Georgina Rodríguez
Georgina Rodríguez

In a meeting of divas, both Spanish celebrities gave their fans one of the most iconic crossovers of the month, of which a series of photographs that the wife of Cristiano Ronaldo later posted to his Instagram feed. In them they are seen living together in the dressing rooms at the end of the concert.

Wizink Center was the ideal place for Georgina Rodriguez will steal all the attention, stirring up the fans of Rosalia who came together to enjoy the most explosive rhythms of the Catalan. And it is that her presence was difficult to ignore, because the yellow outfit of her model did not let her go unnoticed.

One of the details that was making the most headlines after its appearance was precisely this outfit that the acclaimed athlete’s wife was modeling, which transported her followers 20 years in the past with the return of the skirt over pants, an emblematic hallmark of the decade of the two thousand.

And as you can see in the first image of the reel published on Instagram, the tight dress had a special low back, which raised the look to a different level of glamour. Continuing under the line of this nod to the first decade of the century, Georgina Youth she decided to wear platform flared pants in the same shade as her outfit.

The followers of the Spanish model did not resist expressing their opinion regarding her great look, in addition to being very excited about the meeting between the two stars through the comments section. However, the most outstanding of them was that of the singer herself, who thanked her for her assistance.

On the other hand, the emotion of all the followers of Georgina Rodriguez it was enlivened by a small detail that in other circumstances might have gone unnoticed. Matthew, the little son of Cristiano Ronaldo wore a football team jersey Real Madrid with his name and the number 7 on his back, triggering a series of assumptions.

This is because the outstanding 37-year-old athlete was a topic of conversation in recent days after demonstrating with the intention of cutting off his relationship with Manchester United. Unsurprisingly, this little act by his offspring was just the signal his admirers needed to stay on their toes.

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