Ryan Reynolds hilariously responded to his wife Blake Lively after she tagged him in her recent Instagram post.

On her social media account on Thursday, the 35-year-old actress shared a picture of herself posing in a white bikini. In her caption, she wrote: “summer love…had a blast.”

In the comments on the image, Reynolds hilariously responded to the Gossip Girl star by mentioning her new documentary series, Welcome to Wrexham.

“Wrexham is the Ibiza of Wales,” she wrote.

The documentary series focuses on the Welsh association football club, Wrexham AFC, and how it was bought by its current owners, Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. In September 2020, the pair first announced their plan to buy the club, which is based in Wrexham, Wales. The series premiered on FX in the US on August 24.

However, unlike Reynolds, many of Lively’s fans praised her and wished her a happy birthday, as she turned 35 on August 25.

“Happy birthday AMAZING Blake,” one person commented, while another added: “GODDESS.”

Regarding his purchase of the football team, Reynolds recently recalled how he told his wife about the idea, saying it was “very bad news.”

“I remember seeing Blake and saying, ‘I have bad news and really bad news. The bad news is that I snuck into someone’s DMs again. The really bad news is that he could have bought half of a fifth-tier national soccer league in Wales,'” he told McElhenney during an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this month. The actor then pointed out that his wife’s reaction to this news “was not good.”

The couple is also known for trolling each other on social media. On his Instagram stories last month, Lively shared a clip of Reynolds’ ad for his phone company, Mint Mobile, to promote the brand’s newest family plan.

During the commercial, Reynolds meets another blonde woman, posing as his partner. After the woman joked about how she “stands in for [Lively] on set during the boring parts,” the Free Guy star said her phone plan was “literally revolutionizing the category.”

In response to the ad, The Age of Adaline star jokingly wrote, “Honey if you charged more you could pay me…sorry; your real wife.

“@Vancityreynolds my love feel free to rock the couch when you sleep on it tonight!!,” she added.

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