Natalia Markova joins the select group of athletes who alternate their professional careers with the creation of exclusive content for adults on the OnlyFans platform

The Russian fighter Natalia Markova announced through Instagram a new project in which she ventured in this 2023. The athlete will now sell exclusive content through the OnlyFans platform. With a spicy photograph, she Markova published on her official Instagram account the decision to enter this well-known page for adults where she would be publishing audiovisual material daily. “I just opened my OnlyFans account! New photo every day there!” she wrote.

Natalia Markova

On Instagram, the wrestler has almost 31,000 followers and her OnlyFans page will have a monthly subscription available for just $20 dollars for those who want to see her in a totally different facet than the dynamics of the ring.

Natalia works as a professional wrestler on independent circuits in the United States and the world. She has some belts to her credit and one of her most recent was obtained after winning her last tag team match against Jennacide and Mady, pairing with Missa Kate.

In addition to her wrestling skills, Markova also has modeling skills, as she has been on the cover of some magazines and photos of her scantily clad or posing in a bathing suit are common on her Instagram account.

The 37-year-old fighter started wrestling in 2007. She currently works in the National Wrestling Alliance league and also fights on the European independent circuit. By 2023 she would participate in a wrestling event to be held in Chile in the first quarter of the year.

Markova would not be the only fighter and athlete who ventures into this exclusive content platform for adults. A few months ago, a WWE ex-diva also ventured into this new page that already has more than 130 million people subscribed around the world.

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