The situation in her family is far from the tranquility that would be desirable. Rocío Carrasco announced legal action against Rosa Benito, after she questioned the authenticity of some of the documents that she presented in her docuseries El nombre de Rocío. “I warn Rosa that I am going to take criminal legal action” warned the daughter of Rocío Jurado forcefully. It is a delicate issue in which Rosario Mohedano, who has gone with her husband Andrés Fernández and her three children to the presentation of the new Halloween season at the Madrid Amusement Park, asks for caution. “One may want to put in, but after they are admitted for processing, that it advances, it is very complicated,” she points out.

The daughter of Rosa Benito and Amador Mohedano explains that “there are other people under investigation.” “What I know is that the case is already being studied and we have to be careful,” she says. Her mother shared some messages these days in which she did not allude directly to this legal issue, but in which she assured that she is calm. “If you are at peace with your conscience, no word can hurt you” she reflected. Rosario has made reference to how the collaborator is. “My mother is fine and I’m going to wait to see what happens and while I enjoy life,” she added.

The relationship between Rosa Benito and Rocío Carrasco is going through one of her most delicate moments after one of the last installments of the docuseries of the artist’s daughter. Rocío brought to light the invoices corresponding to the money that her uncles Rosa and Amador pocketed for her work at the TVE gala, Rocío Siempre, some papers that the collaborator pointed out could have been falsified. These accusations angered the eldest daughter of the deceased Pedro Carrasco, who has announced a complaint to her aunt to defend her version of her events.

“She has to be proficient in many things, not only in having a very large and very loose mouth. One cannot give the little finger compulsively because the one who looks ridiculous and shows himself as she is, is the one who does it. Rosa Benito cannot accuse me, a network and a private document forgery team,” Rocío concluded. In the past, the relationship between aunt and niece had been more cordial and, despite Rocío’s estrangement from her family after her death of her mother, Rosa had always been conciliatory with her niece. Rocío spent a large part of her childhood and youth with her maternal uncles, since both worked for the interpreter of Como una ola, a relationship that, over time, and the light of recent events has been destroyed.

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