After a few days off, Rosalía has returned to the stage. Her tour of the American continent began on Sunday, August 14, and her reception has been spectacular. The first of her concerts in this country ended up being a crowd bath, in which everyone sang songs like Bizcochito, Candy, Saoko and, of course, Despechá, the song that premiered during the tour and whose video clip was released just a few days. But the reception of the singer already began at the airport last Saturday, to which she arrived surrounded by great security measures, and it was not for less.

Difficulty getting out of the airport
After saying goodbye to the Spanish tour in style, she began her international adventure. Some media were waiting for her at the Mexico City airport, which tried unsuccessfully to extract some statements from her. The huge number of fans and the media made Rosalía choose silence while she accessed, not without complications, the vehicle that would take her to the hotel and then to the National Auditorium to do the usual sound tests. At night, and in a packed room with a capacity of 10,000 spectators, the public enjoyed to the fullest a show made to arouse passions.

“My theory is that Mexico is very motomami,” Rosalía confessed to her audience, which filled the auditorium and where thousands of fans echoed her words and her love on all social networks. She and she did it hugging some very famous stuffed animals in Mexico: those of Dr. Simi.

The beautiful story of the stuffed animals that Rosalía embraced in Mexico
Who is Dr. Simi and why is he one of the symbols of that country? This doll, an old man with a white mustache, has to do with Víctor González Torres, a pharmacist known for being the owner of Farmacias Similares. Doctor Simi is the stuffed animal that was created to promote this chain of pharmacies, which sold generic medicines at a cheaper price than other brands. Consequently, the most vulnerable sectors of the population were able to access medicines that they otherwise would not have been able to buy. That doll, which was born in the early 2000s, has ended up becoming a symbol for Mexico, so the fact that Rosalía picked up several Simi doctors from the stage and hugged them was a detail that fell in love with those present, who did not They stopped cheering and applauding her.

Guadalajara and Monterrey will be the next Mexican destinations for the Chicken Teriyaki singer, after which she will continue south: Brazil, Argentina and Chile await her with open arms. Bogotá, La Romana in the Dominican Republic and San Juan in Puerto Rico will be the last Latin American concerts before starting in the United States. The motomami phenomenon is also sweeping across the ocean.

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