Rocío Guirao Díaz moved with her family to Miami: “I came here with a work visa”

Rocío Guirao Díaz moved with her family to Miami: “I came here with a work visa”

Rocío Guirao Díaz moved with her family to Miami

The model said that she is installed in the American city with her husband, businessman Nicolás Paladini, and their children. “I speak English, but when I don’t remember a word, I throw fruit,” he said.

Rocío Guirao Díaz and Nicolás Paladini
Rocío Guirao Díaz and Nicolás Paladini

Rocío Guirao Díaz and her husband, the gastronomic entrepreneur Nicolas Paladini have been living in Miami for a few weeks to start a new life. The model told about it on her Instagram account and shared postcards of her life there. ” Yes, we came to the USA, ” she confirmed in a post about the decision she made with her husband and that involves her three children Indio, Aitana and Roma .

In an exchange of questions with his followers, when they asked him how he resolved the legal issue to settle in the Florida peninsula, he assured: “Each case is different. I came here with a work visa, I am hired by an agency here ”. In addition, in relation to the times he plans to live there, he added: “For a while.” And he explained that his children are ready to start school and that they speak English. When asked how they will adapt, he said: “With time, love and patience, like all the boys who emigrate.” Does she handle the language? “I speak English, but when I don’t remember a word, I throw fruit”,He responded with humor about his life in a city where, in any case, there is a large presence of Latin Americans and that is why most speak Spanish. On the other hand, he said that his mother, Laura, joined the adventure and lives with them.

In February, Rocío made a first post in which she said Miami as a location and there is a phrase that defines her present: ” Dreams come true .” Of course, Rocío did not want to say where she lives exactly, when they asked her about the neighborhood: “I never told what neighborhood I lived in in Buenos Aires, not even the one here. But it is very cute. It is surrounded by a lot of nature and varied fauna ”. And he said that he will upload a photo on the beach when he can go “because it is very cold.”

It is worth remembering that Nicolás Paladini , Rocío’s husband, is an important businessman who is part of the company that bears his surname. And that Juan Alberto Paladini , Rocío’s father-in-law, died in 2014 in an accident that they linked to an act of insecurity. He was 60 years old and died when he was driving his car down Circunvalación avenue in the direction of the private Kentucky neighborhood, in Rosario. “Unfortunately, he lost control of the vehicle because he was the victim of a brick that was thrown from the left side . It was a path he took every day. He was wearing the seat belt as always, “said the model at the time.

In addition, and also willing to share her experience as a mother of three, Rocío said a while ago: “They ask me a lot of questions about raising my children. If we are very clumsy, we love to make out, cuddle and be together , this is how I was raised, and this is how I raise. I know of no other way than through love. And as it happens to all of us, I also miss my moments in solitude but I understand that this is part of a stage that we have to go through, nothing is forever ”.

Regarding her experience during the pandemic, she said that in order to organize with the quarantined children, she handled herself like this: “I am very organized. I have everything written down, the alarms on the cell phone with the tasks. We sat with love and patience. And when patience runs out, we move on to something else. We prioritize not killing ourselves ”. And finally, she reflected to define what she believes in motherhood: “Sometimes she gives me time for everything and sometimes not. Motherhood is putting off ”. And, always happy and ready to give a message to help other mothers with more than three children, she pointed out: “I learned to value my moments of solitude.”


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