Rocío Flores has returned today to the set of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ with a lot of fabric to cut. The young woman was expected to speak for the first time about her breakup with Manuel Bedmar, the new life of her father, Antonio David at Marta Riesco’s house and an alleged estrangement with her aunt, Gloria Camila.

Regarding her sentimental situation, the granddaughter of the Jury has preferred not to confirm or deny the separation to respect “the anonymity” of the man from Malaga and the limits that she herself has imposed:

“I will never talk about my privacy.” In this context, the collaborator has taken the opportunity to launch an unexpected attack on her mother, Rocío Carrasco when it seemed that a ‘ceasefire’ had taken place between them.

At the insistence of Joaquín Prat and the rest of the gathering to know the sentimental situation of Rocío Flores and Manuel Bedmar, Gloria Camila’s niece has stressed several times that”

“No, I am going to speak on this for real. I’m not talking about my family, if I didn’t do it with my mother, who threw me into the fray by telling what she told, I’m not going to do it now.

The talk show thus breaks with the conciliatory position that it maintained until recently, just when Rocío Carrasco assured in her last speech on that same set that she would never again air the conflicts she has with her first-born.

It’s the first time that Rocío Flores admits so openly that she feels that her mother has thrown her to the lions after making public the sentence that condemned her for a crime of mistreatment towards her.

Although it has been a recurring argument in other collaborators of the chain to charge against Rocío Carrasco, alluding to the little consideration she has had with her daughter, the young woman from Malaga had never before accused her of throwing her “into the fray” so clearly.

It seems that all hope of a rapprochement between Rocío Flores and Rocío Carrasco, which was already quite scarce, is thus broken.

If at first it was the Jury’s granddaughter who left the door open for her mother, now, the one who says she is not ready to resume contact is her, as a result of all the suffering generated by the information that has come to light since the premiere of ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’ and the consequent special programs.

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