Rocío Flores shows her face and is sincere about her relationship with Gloria Camila

Rocío Flores shows her face and is sincere about her relationship with Gloria Camila

The media resurgence of Rocio Carrasco still giving a lot to talk about. After her summer vacations and the commotion that she created as a result of the broadcast of ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’, the documentary series in which she delves into the alleged physical and psychological abuse that Antonio David Flores would have inflicted on her, the daughter of ‘the greatest’ has returned to the set of ‘Save me’ to advance some details of the second season of the report, ‘In the name of Rocío’, in which she will explain the reasons that led her to distance herself from a good part of her family, like Amador and Gloria Mohedano, Rosa Benito and her brothers Gloria Camila and José Fernando.

In this context, Carlota Sliding wanted to share a hitherto unknown information. According to the presenter of ‘Save me’, the relationship between Gloria Camila and Rocío Flores would have cooled in recent weeks, to the point that the first would be reflecting a lot on the words her sister shared in the documentary series.

Gloria Camila is quite disappointed with Rocío Flores. When I say disappointed I mean when she now comes to Madrid many times and she no longer stays with her aunt. She is doing her panda in Madrid. If there is someone in the family who is being receptive and who is considering things and questioning versions that until now were unalterable for her, it is Gloria Camila,” said Carlota Corredera.

An information that now Rocío Flores and Gloria Camila have categorically denied in ‘The Ana Rosa program’. According to some collaborators of the Telecinco morning, aunt and niece have told them that Carlota Corredera’s words are far from reality, and that the only reason they have not seen each other in recent trips from Malaga to the capital is that they are both very busy with their jobs.

There has been no distancing and Gloria Camila is disappointed with Rocío.” They insist.

Reconciliation in sight?

Rocío Carrasco and Gloria Camila
Rocío Carrasco and Gloria Camila

However, from the same program, the possibility that Gloria Camila may be changing her mind regarding her problematic relationship with Rocío Carrasco is included. Apparently, the young woman would have reflected and she would be willing to build some bridges with her sister, with whom she has not spoken for years.

Far from opening a schism between them, a rapprochement between Gloria Camila and Rocío Carrasco would fill Rocío Flores with joy, according to the collaborators of ‘The Ana Rosa Program’.

Apparently, Antonio David’s daughter would see it as a first step towards her long-awaited reunion with her mother, after more than eight years completely confronted.

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