Rocío Flores and her definitive message to Carlota Corredera and María Patiño

Rocío Flores and her definitive message to Carlota Corredera and María Patiño

The media conflict that Rocío Flores and Maria Patiño currently star in continues to generate controversy. The presenter answered this Saturday in ‘Socialité’ to the affirmation of the daughter of Antonio David in which she assured that the collaborator of ‘Save me’ “has no credibility”.

For her part, Rocío Flores has attended this Monday to her position as a collaborator in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’, and has taken the opportunity to respond to what can already be considered her public arch enemy:

“I have nothing against her as person, but what I said I still maintain. It has no credibility, because she gave false information to be true, I base it on that. I have the right to say what I think. My arguments are always thrown based on the fact that I am manipulated by my father, but I am 25 years old and I think for myself”, she began by saying very politely.

The collaborator also wanted to respond to Carlota, who assured a few days ago that both she and Gloria were quite “out of place”:

“I am the first person who asks everyone for respect because I think that we are all equal and deserve the same respect. You say that you are presenters and journalists, and what I have to say is that both Gloria and I also have our studies and we work. We are characters, yes, but we are two characters who are working in the chain but who have never talked about our history”, she slide.

Carlota, you tell us that we are misplaced, but I think the comment is quite unfortunate because neither glory nor I have disrespected anyone. As a person I can say or defend myself against the wrong things that are said about me. I consider that both Gloria and I, too located we are. I feel offended by those terms with which you have addressed us,” she assures.

“I do not deserve that because you have an open war with my father you give me all over the place”, she concludes.

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