‘The Greatest’ never wanted her most personal belongings to be aired on a television show

If Rocío Jurado is watching from beyond the whole show put on by his daughter, Rocio Carrasco, in collusion with The TV Factory, with the eighteen containers, you would not be amused everything that is happening and will happen shortly.

However, her eldest daughter has given all her personal belongings to The TV factory to produce a special, ‘Rocío’s last trip’, in which predictably all your personal belongings will be aired before the astonished gaze of millions of spectators.

Nor is it understood that Rociito has hidden so many personal belongings from his mother to her brothers, and the rest of the maternal family, who remained oblivious to the existence of these containers.

Her sister Gloria Camila goes further and wonders why Rocío prioritizes teaching the content of the containers in a television program and does not give them to the museum that Chipiona, who would raise a beautiful perennial tribute to his most illustrious daughter.

When on Tuesday, December 14, the special of ‘Save me’ shows the audience those eighteen containers, Gloria will be very aware, like her lawyers, of the images, in case it is possible to take any legal action. The war between sisters continues, and it seems to have no end. This has only started.

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