The so-called blue tide has charged against her giving her where it hurts the most

More than half a year has passed since the premiere of ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’, the documentary series starring the daughter of ‘the greatest’ in which, among other things, she denounced the alleged physical and psychological abuse that she had suffered from her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores.

The report gave rise to a heated debate that divided public opinion between those who defend the businesswoman and those who allege that the man from Malaga has been subjected to an unfair media trial.

This last sector is called ‘blue tide’ and is very active through social networks, most of them aimed at rant against Rocío Carrasco.

In addition, several users published images of Olga Moreno with the children of Rocío Carrasco, pointing to her like the ‘real’ mother of the youngs. A comparison that fills the universal heir with deep pain of ‘the greatest’, as she herself revealed in the documentary series.

For now, a rapprochement between mother and children seems highly unlikely, especially considering the attitude that Rocío Flores shows on television sets, where she maintains a posture of total support for her father while she questions and dismisses most of her mother’s testimony of gender violence as a lie.

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