The eldest daughter of ‘the greatest’ has spoken about the imminent premiere of the tribute to her mother

Next Tuesday, December 14, a tribute to Rocío Jurado will be released, which will consist of the live broadcast of the transfer of 18 containers full of her personal belongings to the point where the second season of Rocío Carrasco’s docuseries will be recorded.

It will be the prelude to the report that is to come and that will turn the world of social chronicles upside down once again.

In this context, the universal heir to ‘the greatest’ has broken her silence and has spoken about the project that will be released next week, also launching a clear message apart from the family with whom she remains at odds.

In addition, Rocío Carrasco has been close and open to a rapprochement with her family. It was when María Patiño asked her who is essential to be there on the day of the tribute premiere, to which she has replied:

First, my mother, to be present in some way. Then, everyone who has loved or admired my mother could participate if they wanted to. I don’t close doors to anyone.”

Something more cutting has been Rocío Carrasco after María Patiño asked her directly if she intended to call her sister Gloria Camila to reconcile. The universal heir to the Jury has evaded the issue, and the truth is that the current situation does not invite us to think that they can now reach a point of understanding.

The last thing Rocío Carrasco has heard from her sister is that she took her to court to force her to hand over the documents of his mother who wanted to make public, a dispute between the family that only separates them.

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