Not a simple text message, let alone a call. In the 23rd birthday of David Flores Carrasco, his mother was conspicuous by her absence. It is evident that no one expected Rocío Carrasco at the family party, in which Olga Moreno and Antonio David did share a roof, but a simple gesture from a mother who has not seen her son for years would have shown that inside the heart of the daughter of ‘the greatest’ there is still a hint of affection towards David.

To the boy, despite family outrages, he still has the hope of the reunion. But, yes, as has been said, Rociito has blocked her sister Gloria Camila on her phone, she may have done the same with your only child as well.

Fortunately, David had a very emotional birthday, with his parents, his sister and some friends. Precisely his sister Rocío appeared with her boyfriend at twelve o’clock at night at her parents’ house and woke up the birthday boy to the beat of ‘Happy Birthday’. It was the first minute of the date of birth by David Flores. And the first ones wanted to congratulate him.

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