Ricky Martin is one of the most influential artists on the continent. His songs marked an era and still continue to be a trend among the new generations. A few weeks ago, the Puerto Rican was involved in a family scandal due to a complaint of abuse. After the controversy, the artist moved away for a few days from his profiles on social networks.

His last musical single was a collaboration with the Mexican group Reik. The song called “Sometimes good and sometimes bad” was a success on streaming platforms since it was released in April of this year. The singer appeared in a story on his Instagram account to thank fans for the love they showed him on the subject. What surprised his followers was the appearance of the singer in the video.

Ricky Martin was always characterized by his slim physique and neat hair. This time he looked more tired than usual and weighed less than usual. “Well, we are here celebrating because we have woken up with number one with Sometimes Good and Sometimes Bad; in collaboration with Reik”, began the international artist.

“I’m happy, we’re at number one, we’re the only ballad in the top 30. Thanks to Sony Music, thanks to everyone involved,” he added in the recording that went viral on Instagram due to his physical change.

The image worried his admirers who speculate that something could be happening to him. Others believe that it is simply due to age and the most intrepid affirmed that it would be an aesthetic procedure. Although the causes of the physical change are not yet known, the video shows a clear difference with Ricky Martín from a few months ago. In the comments, some think that it could be the consequences of the stress of the last few weeks.

What was the complaint?

In early July, the artist’s nephew requested a restraining order against the singer, which was approved and issued by the Puerto Rican authorities. The cause would have been due to an alleged physical abuse.

Dennis Yadiel Sánchez, as the complainant is called, revealed that he would have been having sexual relations with his uncle during the last few months. Martin defended himself against the accusations on his Twitter account, stating that they were just lies.

A month after the complaint, the restraining order was suspended and the relatives would have reached a civil agreement. Sánchez went so far as to assure that they were threatening him with death for breaking his silence. ”I have been working on stage for almost four decades, in the public eye and I have never had to deal with something as painful as what I have experienced in the last two weeks. I was a victim of the lie, ”said the artist on his social networks.

After the controversy, Ricky Martin expressed that the judicial process harmed his husband and children. He added that his nephew would be fighting a series of mental illnesses that led him to lie.

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