In one of his most recent Instagram stories, the Puerto Rican singer decided to relax this weekend after the hectic days that Ricky Martin has faced lately.

With a picture, the “originally from Puerto Rico” shared a moment with his more than 17 million followers, he was shown lying down from an armchair where he greeted his followers while enjoying the weekend.

Ricky Martin decides to rest to take a big boost and cope with everything that is coming, he anticipated his loyal followers from the Instagram social network, to whom he pointed out, multiple activities awaited him to do what will keep him “very busy”, as he hints while the ‘husband of Jwan Yosef’ made a sign of love and peace in the snapshot.

My last calm Sunday. Sooooo much to do in the next few weeks. Always positive. Good vibes to everything, said the famous 50-year-old in his new publication, shared 19 hours ago.

The former member of the group, “Slight“, has also dealt with strong controversy in recent days in relation to the new complaint that his nephew Dennis Yadiel filed again after last July, the 21-year-old would issue a “restraining order” against his uncle for alleged “domestic violence”.

Recently, Dennis Yadiel was contacted by the team of “Sit down who can” where for the first time he shows his face after these strong statements pointing out that there is “solid evidence” of what he accuses his mother’s brother, Vanessa Martin, and of the which ‘he has already presented to the courts,’ he assured during the talk outside his home.

For his part, Enrique Martin Morales has not mentioned any more in this regard and in recent days has referred particularly to the recent events that hit Puerto Rico with the arrival of the “Fiona” phenomenon, which affected the Caribbean in its wake, in addition to Dominican Republic.

Given these unfortunate events, various celebrities such as JLO, Marc Anthony, Rosalía, among others, joined the call for help in these regions, mainly the native of San Juan, Ricky Martin, who has become a great voice of support for the island.

In addition to sending a message of encouragement and solidarity, the nominee for the Latin Grammy 2022, announced a telephone line where all those who wanted to support something could communicate and reiterated his faith to the inhabitants of his place of origin: “I know we are going to get up stronger,” he said in a past video he shared just some days

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