Reina Sofía: the reason why there are no images of her last public appearance

Reina Sofía: the reason why there are no images of her last public appearance

Don Felipe’s mother attended the state funeral of Marie de Liechtenstein, but there is no graphic testimony. It has a good explanation

After a few well deserved holidays in Palma de Mallorca, during which the walks and family dating after a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, Queen Sofia has returned to work and has resumed her official schedule.

Her first act after the summer break has not been exactly happy, since it has been the State funeral of Marie of Liechtenstein, the wife of Prince Hans-Adam, the sovereign of the Central European principality; who died last Saturday as a result of a cerebral infarction.

Although the ceremony was more intimate than usual at state funerals as a result of the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, many illustrious personalities came to the Cathedral of San Florián de Vaduz to say goodbye, among which were Queen Sofia. Although the event was broadcast on Liechtenstein public television and there was a strong press presence, has not transcended any image of our emerita nor from any other assistant.

The reason for this media secrecy is due to a decision by the Royal Family, which expressly requested that none of the guests be filmed. For security reasons, the Liechtenstein authorities did not at any time make public the official list of guests for the funeral, and it was Zarzuela who had to confirm the presence of Queen Sofía.

The truth is that Princess Marie was always very discreet throughout her life, a maxim that she wanted to extend even in her last goodbye.

While Queen Sofia has thus resumed her official activity, In Queen Letizia’s agenda we did not find a single appointment in the first week of September. It seems that Don Felipe’s wife wanted to extend your private vacation more than usual, since he usually returns even before the end of August.

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