“To the victims who have spoken out and to those who have not, we want to say that we believe them and we thank them for their courage, in addition to inspiring us, they help us to open and deepen the conversation, to demand that justice be done and for urgent changes to occur in our country.”

With the hashtags: #Yositecreo and #Videocinerompeelpacto, Regina Blandón launched a forceful: “Enough is enough”, “We don’t want to miss out on just one more. We want to tell the victims that they are not alone, we believe them, they have all our respect and support,” she stressed.

the cast of Mirreyes v. Godinez is made up of Regina Blandon, Diana Bovio, Michelle Rodriguez y Christian Vazquez.

Three weeks have passed since Coco Levy production director of Videocine, was denounced by various women, mostly women, who claim that they suffered psychological and sexual harassment by the son of the driver Talina Fernandez.

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