Rebecca de Alba

Rebecca de Alba and her secret to looking so radiant at 58

The television host Rebecca de Alba finally opened up about her de ella beauty de ella secret de ella to look youthful

After a lifetime in front of the cameras and a repertoire of projects that support her, at 58 years old, Rebecca de Alba maintains one of the attributes that led her to stardom: a jovial-looking face. As a result, there has been no shortage of questions about the beauty routine that keeps her looking enviable.

Everything seems to indicate that the wait has been worth it, since the driver has finally decided to uncover the secret to delay the passage of time.

“The secret is that they do my hair and makeup, and I dress for the interviews,” De Alba warned the Mexican television program De primera mano (Imagen TV). I think a lot of my character is reflected in my appearance of her. I’m still not scared when I don’t put on makeup and when I’m wearing a ponytail, and I’m wearing jeans and a T-shirt. And the close up, they tell me, that I can still put up with it, but with makeup”, Rebecca de Alba told the cameras of ‘De primera mano’.

In addition to this, she recognized that it is a gift of genetics, since in her family it is normal that the passage of time is not reflected in her skin. “I think it’s a bit genetic from my family, from my mom, but, above all, I think it’s been all the training I’ve had throughout my life, internally speaking,” she added.

It should be noted that this was not the only topic that the presenter of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ addressed during her talk with the media. There, she spoke about her possible return to television and assured that this has been diminished for various reasons, one of which was her health.

“In 2022, I was almost going to do it, but I got very strong COVID, still for January, when they started recording, I was not one hundred percent, but there are other projects,” she explained, later announcing that she would love to explore her journalistic side. .

“I want intelligent, fun, varied entertainment, with information. My passion is interviews and I have been looking for the space to be able to do a talk show ”, she finished.

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