The Imperial House has already confirmed the date of her wedding with her fiancé, whom she met at the University

The princess Mako of Japan, daughter of princes Kiko and Fumihito -the crown prince Akishino– suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, as confirmed by a family spokesperson through the Imperial Household Agency.

The “complicated” situation facing the young princess, 29, is due to the constant criticism she has received for her decision to marry her fiancé, a commoner, Kei Komuro, whom she met at the University of Tokyo and whose family has also become involved in a scandal over a debt his mother owes to her ex-boyfriend from whom she borrowed money to pay for her son’s studies.

The emperor’s niece Naruhito “was afraid that it would be impossible to fulfill her desire to have a calm and happy life after getting married”, has explained in addition to confirming the final date of the wedding: next October 26.

Mako and Kei Komuro will celebrate a normal wedding, in which they will limit themselves to registering their union and that same day they will offer a press conference. After the wedding, the couple will reside in New York, where Komuro resides and works as a lawyer.

In addition, by marrying a commoner, Mako renounces the dowry of more than one million dollars that she would receive as a princess upon marriage.

“There are things we agree and disagree on, but we want to tell each other that we believe it is necessary and I would like to respect my oldest daughter’s feelings as much as possible. As a mother, I am having many conversations with my daughter to be able to accept her feelings and thoughts,” said Crown Princess Kiko, Mako’s mother, about her daughter’s plans. In addition, about her second daughter, Princess Kako assured that “I would like to hear her thoughts in advance and appreciate the family conversations.”

Although both Mako’s parents and the emperor have approved the union with a commoner, Japanese law establishes that only men can aspire to the throne, with women losing the status of princess by marrying someone outside of royalty.

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