last december princess aiko only daughter of the emperors of Japan, turned 20 but it was not until this Thursday when the young woman starred in her first appearance before the media at the Tokyo Imperial Palace after coming of age, where she has shown willing to “fulfill its obligations to the best of its ability”.

“Since I received the decoration from the emperor, I felt the weight and responsibility that corresponds to me,” says Aiko, referring to the Order of the Precious Crown that she received from her father when she turned 20, which is part of the rites upon reaching adulthood in the imperial family.

“By participating in these and other events and rites of the New Year together with my parents, little by little I felt like a member of the family”, Add.

Aiko, that studying Japanese literature at Gakushuin University in Tokyo, reveals that “although I am currently studying, I want to make efforts to contribute to the imperial family by participating in each activity wholeheartedly.” And it is that, although he defines himself as a person “quiet, naive and shy”, He will try to overcome it to perform his duties within his new role as an adult representative of the Japanese imperial family.

Although she cannot accede to the throne due to the 1947 law that governs the succession in the Imperial House, the princess is receiving private classes in English and Spanish, as well as Japanese history and traditional arts. And she confesses that His hobbies are taking care of animals, listening to music and playing sports.

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