Poncho Herrera’s Thoughts on RBD Reunion

May 4 (Globe Live Media)- Poncho Herrera asserts that he does not deny the love he feels for his former RBD partners. However, for him, the true reunion that should exist with Anahí, Dulce María, Maite, Christopher, and Christian should not embark on a musical tour.

It is like the one that would coordinate a group of old friends who meet for the pleasure of knowing about their lives again. He revealed that, unlike what many people think, he did have an intimate meeting with the members of the group.

Poncho Herrera had an intimate meeting with the members of the RBD group.

Poncho Herrera had an intimate meeting with the members of the RBD group.

From Dreams of Aviation to Telenovelas

Before becoming a singer or actor, Poncho Herrera dreamed of being an aviator. However, when he took a theater workshop at school, the destiny of his days took a complete turn. As a result of that course, he got his first participation in a film. Nothing more and nothing less than “Amarte duele.”

Unintentionally, he reached the world of telenovelas. Although he recognizes that his projects on the small screen came into his life as mere entertainment.

Jose Maria de Tavira and Ximena Sariñana were also enrolled in the theater workshop he took as an extracurricular activity at school. When he finished the workshop, he approached all his classmates. Then he invited them to participate in the film that his father Fernando was about to shoot.

The film’s name was “Romance en la playa” and was later titled “Amarte duele.” He told in an interview with Roberto Mtz on his podcast “Creativo.”

In that film, the soap opera producer Pedro Damian participated as an actor. When he met Poncho, he asked Poncho if he would be interested in appearing in a soap opera. The producer was about to produce “Clase 406.”

The actor answered yes. Because he knew that he would go to the US to study aviation after finishing the recordings of the project. However, the producer’s new proposal completely disrupted his plans.

Poncho Herrera 'unintentionally' reached the world of telenovelas.

Poncho Herrera ‘unintentionally’ reached the world of telenovelas.

How Poncho Became Part of the RBD Band

Damián proposed that he participate in “Rebelde,” but the actor already had many desires to continue with his life project to become an aviator. However, he accepted and waited eight months to begin the recordings of that telenovela.

The producer’s announcement that the program would be musicalized and that he would create a band did not convince the actor. Because he did not consider himself a singer. So Pedro promised him that they would only record three albums.

The Success of the Soap Opera and the Band

Given the success of the soap opera and the band, Poncho Herrera left behind his dream of working in aviation. He recognizes that it was “incredible” since he visited many countries and lived unique experiences such as meeting the Brazilian president.

However, he acknowledged that he would have liked to be more mature to have had more vision when signing the contracts. Because he and the other members of the band had to work strenuous hours for a year and a half.

In this sense, the actor wanted to clarify that for him, RBD continues to be an important project. People said that Poncho Herrera felt ashamed for participating in that project. But he clarified: “I am totally grateful, but I wanted to do other types of projects. I wanted to focus on acting, which was what I liked.”

Poncho Herrera clarified that RBD continues to be an important project for him.

Poncho Herrera clarified that RBD continues to be an important project for him.

The Real Reunion for Poncho

In fact, Herrera acknowledged that RBD will continue to be an important project with their return to the stage. However, he emphasized that the fact that he will not be part of this reunion does not mean that he does not feel affection for his former partners. He has also had the initiative to meet again as there are five people with whom he shared four years of his life.

“I once said in 2019, ‘I want to see them, I want all of us to live together, and I don’t want them to get us together to do a tour, to make an album. I want a real reunion of six friends who see each other and talk to each other,'” he expressed.

For Poncho, that was the real reunion, and it is a moment he will treasure in his memory. He believes that reunions organized for business purposes are not important.

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