Belinda and Peso Pluma have generated several reactions among their followers. Telemundo’s TV show ‘Hoy Día’ revealed that the singers have already started to follow each other on Instagram.

Host Penélope Menchaca stated that it would not be strange for Belinda to be interested in Peso Pluma because the singer has had romantic relationships with other famous regional Mexican singers.

Peso Pluma’s name has been trending in the last few weeks, and this is no exception since the TV show ‘Hoy Dia’ revealed that the famous singer known as Doble P received Belinda’s ‘follow,’ so immediately, the singer also began to follow her.

“It all started when the singer began to follow Hassan, Peso Pluma’s first name, on social networks, and he did the same. She soon shared a video promoting a concert, but what caught the attention was that a song by Peso Pluma was playing in the background,” explained host Penélope Menchaca.

The host ruled out that there could be any musical collaboration between the celebrities. She rather implied that Belinda would be interested in the singer on a more personal level than a professional one.

“Belinda has a typical taste for regional Mexican music like Lupillo Rivera, Nodal; Peso Pluma would not be strange at all. She has already been with Lupillo, she has already been with Nodal. I don’t doubt that she could be with him,” concluded the famous hostess.

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