Police show up at Paz Padilla's home

Police show up at Paz Padilla’s home

The presenter of ‘Save me’ organized a party that lasted until the early hours of the morning

The good humor of Paz Padilla. The woman from Cádiz faces the adversities that life puts ahead with the best of smiles, as she has shown in recent months since the death of her husband, Antonio Juan Vidal.

The presenter of ‘Save me’ has taken her loss with a lot of philosophy and it consoles her to think that while they were together she was able to give him “a lot of good love”.

Mourning does not go with her, and this has been demonstrated on the first anniversary of the death of her “soul mate.”

Paz Padilla and her friends had a great time, but those who did not enjoy the party so much were the presenter’s neighbors.

Apparently, the woman from Cádiz did not measure the decibels of the music very well, which could be heard perfectly from outside her house and broke with the usual tranquility of the urbanization.

Apparently, one of the residents became more upset than necessary and did not hesitate to call the police, who appeared at the comedian’s home to get her attention.

Paz Padilla’s meeting with the police was quite relaxed, and the presenter chatted with the officers for a few minutes.

When they left, the presenter and her friends continued with the party, although lowering the volume of the music to more acceptable levels.

In fact, the celebration lasted until late at night, without further incidents with the authorities.

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