• Paola Rojas presumed that she has one of the most enviable figures of the show.

The journalist Paola Rojas, who constantly steals sighs on social networks with elegant outfits, has received proposals to pose in magazines with little clothing, so she recently broke her silence and revealed what she thinks about it.

It was during an interview before the cameras of the “Hoy” program that Paola Rojas was asked if she would like to be in a magazine in which she shows a more sensual side.

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However, the presenter also ruled out the possibility of her, because she has never liked to take those types of photos in which she has to pose with few clothes.

“It has never been on my radar to take these photos. In reality, they have been in the context, a topic on the beach with my children, well, there’s no way I’m going to the beach with a suit, pants and jacket. It has been part of the context, but hey, it’s not my thing at all, “said the also host of ‘Netas Divinas’.

Since her divorce with Zague she has been very reserved regarding her private life, in the meeting with the press Paola Rojas was encouraged to reveal that she is very much in love with her boyfriend Marcelo Imposti.

“I am happy with the reality and the moment that I am living right now, very happy”, mentioned the also radio host, who with a smile on her face confirmed her words.

Regarding whether she would reach the altar for the second time, Paola assured that she does not want to get married for now, because she is very happy with her current relationship: “I can’t even imagine it at this moment. I don’t really think about marriage.”

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