Pandora Kaaki has surprised quite a bit by dressing up as the iconic character from Wilma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo, an example that she surely gave to build on this Halloween.

However, this was the perfect moment for Filipino influencer Pandora Kaaki to show off her attributes in a certain way, as it was a custom pretty flirtatious to be true.

There is no doubt that the attractive Filipino influencer Pandora Kaaki has become one of the most sought after on social networks, since she is not afraid to show off her flirtatious outfits, for which she has achieved great fame with 8.3 million followers.

And it is that although it may not seem like it, the beautiful Filipina has been able to capitalize on her fame to upload exclusive content to her own website, so her strategy is simple, take a taste of the camera’s social network and then promote her website .

It is important to mention that this is not the first time that Pandora Kaaki shows off her charms; however, this time she has done it in a costume that would certainly be perfect to wear this Halloween.

In fact, there were a total of six photographs that the influencer shared yesterday, in the first we see her at a closed angle focused on her front charms and we can see a little of what is under her skirt.

Then in the second image we see her a little further away, letting us appreciate her wardrobe much more, which without a doubt turned out to be perfect for her. This was of course accompanied by a movie to have the hair identical to the character and the big glasses of hers.

Later, in the third photograph we see a much more flirtatious pose where she allows us to appreciate her posterior charms by raising her skirt to where she allows us to appreciate the incredible curves she possesses.

While in the fourth image we see her again at a closed angle and she boasts a phenomenal dreamy smile, for the fifth it was the same shot but a little moved from angle.

And last but not least, in the sixth photo we get to see her back charms as she raises her leg, a photo that certainly leaves very little to the imagination.

Dating a girl that wears eyeglasses is like dating two girls when she takes them off, here’s 6 photos of Velma for you”, escribio la modelo en la publicacion.

Immediately, the publication reached a total of 150,222 reactions from her followers and several positive comments where her fans praised the influencer.

It should be noted that Pandora Kaaki is one of the most famous influencers on the famous Instagram social network with its more than 8 million fans, which is why she has taken advantage of digital platforms to make a name for herself in the world of the internet.

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