Paloma Cuevas celebrates love after her divorce from Enrique Ponce

Paloma Cuevas celebrates love after her divorce from Enrique Ponce

The socialite has made it clear that she still believes in soulmates

More than a year has passed since Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce announced their separation, and it was not until a few days ago that they finally made their break with the signing of their divorce.

After a few difficult months, the socialite can turn the page and start rebuilding the foundations of her life. Tears have given way to a smile, a smile that she always wears through her social networks.

The truth is that the businesswoman is very active on her Instagram account, and shares her happiest moments with her more than 150,000 followers.

For the occasion, Paloma Cuevas has opted for an elegant turquoise blue tight dress, with a V-shaped halter neck.

In addition, the businesswoman has completed her outfit with a maxi-lollipop decorated with a pretty rose-shaped ornament. “Wonderful wedding, compadres,” the socialite wrote in the stories section of her Instagram account.

Paloma Cuevas finally breathes calm now that her divorce has been made effective in the eyes of Justice. In recent months there has been much speculation about the reasons that led to the delay of the papers, and at first Enrique Ponce was identified as guilty.

Completely opposite information has recently come to light, which shows that the socialite would have objected to the initial agreement. Apparently, she had discrepancies in the way in which the juicy patrimony that both have reaped throughout their marriage was going to be distributed.

In any case, divorce is already a reality and the ex-partner’s inner circle ensures that there is still a great relationship between them. They lived happily and ate partridges, but each on their own.

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