Palito Dominguín,

Palito Dominguín, “trapped” in England

Lucía Dominguín’s daughter explains why she has tried to return to Spain for a month without success

Lucía Dominguín’s daughter had not published anything on social networks for several days, something that had her followers worried, who wondered what was happening to the former contestant of ‘Survivors’.

Well, after a week of rumors and the concern of her fans, finally Palito Dominguín was forced to explain: she is “trapped” in England.

This is how the protagonist herself has told it through a video on Instagram in which she explains the reasons for her sudden “disappearance” from social networks.

Why have I not returned to Spain? I’m going to explain why I’m trapped in England while I cut my hair,” the post read.

In it, the young woman said that both of them traveled to London a month ago to attend a wedding, a link in which her boyfriend was the best man, but to which they finally could not attend:

“We missed the wedding and it was a disappointment. Although we were already in England, we couldn’t go because we both tested positive for coronavirus. First me, then Harry.”

After passing the quarantine period, they both tested positive again in the PCR test for which they were again forced to stay in England.

We are here locked up. We’re with Harry’s family, we’re doing wonderfully well, but I’m looking forward to going back and seeing my family”, reports Toothpick.

But finally the “suffering” has ended and Palito Dominguín can now return to Spain, and as she has confessed on Instagram: The last PCR result was negative! A happy news that the young woman celebrates with her followers of the social network.

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