Palito Dominguín She was the last to open her heart and relate the hardest episode of her life, that of the death of her sister Bimba Bosé. The contestant of ‘Survivors’ has been broken when remembering him with Lola, with whom he has a great complicity in Playa Destierro. “2017 was a year of many losses, but the first was my sister. My sister? It didn’t make sense, that my sister died didn’t make sense, I didn’t understand it “, he recounted with a broken voice.

Let’s remember that the model died on January 23, 2017, at the age of 41, after a long fight against breast cancer that was detected in 2014. Sad and unexpected news that left the Bosé family devastated: That year many people died, it was like a chain. I was fatal, I was in the middle of the race and I wanted to leave her. These years have been the hardest of my life, and the coincidence that I have had my partner always supporting me, being positive, “he pointed out.

At that time Palito was barely 22 years old and had just met his current partner, Harry: “I was meeting my boyfriend and when I was going to fly to England I told him I couldn’t because my sister had just passed away. At that moment, you don’t want to see anyone, but he, for some reason, did want me to be. He came to my grandmother’s house with me and my mother and told me: ‘I’m going to be a light on your way.’ Since then I have not gone to sleep for a single night without first telling him that I love him”. “Coming here is a way of telling myself that I could have a hard time and get over it on my own. Here when something happens to me I ask myself why it hurts so much and it is because I don’t have him. Here I have realized how much I love him”Concluded Lucía Dominguín’s daughter.

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