Father and daughter plan to request precautionary measures to stop their issuance

In autumn the second part of Rocío Carrasco’s docuseries begins, a broadcast that Paloma García-Pelayo has assured in El programa del verano, Jose Ortega Cano And his daughter Gloria Camila are planning to request precautionary measures to prevent it from being issued.

“They have to go through a judicial decision process, one thing is to request it and another to be granted it”, stated the journalist, pointing out that she understands “the fear and fear” that the bullfighter may have, uneasy about what the daughter of Rocío Jurado can tell during the new episodes of the documentary “In the name of Rocío”.

In the event that the request for Ortega CanoIt would be a judge who would view the docuseries to determine whether or not it can be issued.

Gloria Camila is very concerned about her father’s health, since she considers that “does not go through the best personal moment for many reasons and for what may come from the possible declarations of Rocio Carrasco”.

In the next episodes, the daughter of “the greatest” will explain the reasons for her null relationship with the family Ortega and with the Mohedano.

She accuses her uncles and the one who was her mother’s husband of lying and assures that she has not made the documentary series from resentment or with the intention of hurting anyone, but “from the truth.”

Reflections of Rocío Jurado will set the course for this second season, in addition to other documents that have not been specified but that will surely cause a great media stir, as already happened with the first part of the docuseries. “Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive.”

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