Omar Montes charges against his son's mother:

Omar Montes charges against his son’s mother: “Pink sneakers look like fagots to her”

Omar Montes has returned to be on everyone’s lips, and once again, his music has nothing to do. The singer has starred in a new controversy after making public through his social networks the latest confrontation he has had with the mother of his son.

Apparently, the woman would not be very happy with one of the gifts that the little one has received from his grandfather.

This is what happens when you give your son a pair of sneakers and his mother thinks it is “fagots”. This I have to put up with every day. You will always see me around here as a joke, but today I can’t take it anymore, with this I have to fight, and then I have to put up with being called to me about everything”, began lamenting the winner of ‘Survivors 2019’.

“Some pink sneakers? Do you think the boy is a fag? Luckily he doesn’t need footwear, I already buy the best for him”, the child’s mother begins saying very annoyed, as can be read in the WhatsApp conversation that Omar Montes has published on his Twitter account.

As if all this were not enough, the woman continues: “If it were up to you, I was naked and making a fool of myself. Everything you give him he doesn’t want because it feels ridiculous. That is not going to put it, you can take it and give it to whoever you consider. The child does not need miseries”.

For his part, Omar Montes has explained to the mother of his son that the pink sneakers of discord have been a gift from his grandfather, “who has not worked for months, he doesn’t even have to indulge himself and he bought the boy the shoes, how can you be like that?”, The singer asks the woman in disbelief.

Some arguments that do not seem to convince the child’s mother, who is still determined to pour out all her fury against Omar Montes as a result of the pink sneakers:

“Well, let him keep it, he also doesn’t need them. So that they laugh at him. That my son is not a fag!”. The singer does not give credit to such words and asks the woman: “What problem do you have with gays? I teach my son to love everyone. My father did it with all the illusion, how can you be like that?”

In addition, Omar Montes has pointed out later that his father, the boy’s grandfather, is very affected by what happened and regrets that he will not be able to see his son for some time:

Now I won’t be able to see my son because if I go the police will screw me, that’s the law and my father is crying very badly because he thinks it is because of the pink sneakers, and the reality is that the sneakers have nothing to do with it, the problem is with her hatred of gays.”

Omar Montes has received hundreds of comments of support in this situation and there are many who encourage him to continue fighting for educating your child in diversity and away from gender stereotypes.

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