Ninel Conde assured that her lawyers in Mexico and the US are already working on the lawsuits against Anabel Hernández (Photo: ninelconde / Instagram)

Emma and the other narco ladies It is today the book that has caused the most controversy, since the names of artists, singers, politicians and groups linked to drug trafficking They have provoked endless discussions, silences and accusations against the author, journalist Anabel Hernández.

On taking “letters in the matter” in a legal way against the also writer, the actress and singer Ninel Conde reiterated that their bodies of lawyers, both in Miami, United States, and in Mexico, are already working on the case.

In a brief meeting with the media during his stay in the US, denied the alleged relationship with a drug cartel and appreciated the interest in his situation. She also mentioned that she has a 25-year career, time backed by his followers who like what she does.

“What can I tell you? It is totally false and it is already in the hands of my law firm, both in Mexico and here, they are already working on the issue. I appreciate your interest. You know I have a 25-year career doing this. That is a blessing because to continue doing it for 25 years is because the public likes what we do ”, declared Conde.

Later, she clarified that these alleged links uncovered by Anabel Hernández’s book they are “the price of being a public figure”, a situation that you must face without claims. “No way, you have to learn to deal with this,” she deepened.

The journalist's book uncovered countless names of politicians, singers and groups with alleged links to drug trafficking

On Tuesday morning, Ninel Conde arrived at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), where she was intercepted by multiple reporters who asked her to clarify the situation mentioned in Emma and the other narco ladies.

However, as soon as she left the arrival zone, tried to escape the microphones and cameras on the pretext that they could tow the car who was waiting for her outside the facility.

Moments after she managed to get out of the airport, she stopped the media and reiterated that Anabel Hernández’s allegations are false and not only affect her protagonists, but also third parties. In addition, she warned that his haste was due to the fact that she was going to an appointment with his lawyers.

“I cannot give more statements than what I already said ‘is false’. There is also damage from the presumption of innocence of many people and I cannot speak more about it. This is already in the hands of my lawyers in Miami and Mexico ”, the star also highlighted.

Finally, she issued a warning to the journalist because the written information “is not gossip, it is something very delicate,” so She urged her to gather enough evidence because “she is going to need it in the United States.”, she sentenced.

"The Killer Bonbon" He would have enriched himself by triangulating money from organized crime (Photo: Ninel Conde / Instagram)

According to Anabel’s publication, “The killer bombon” would have managed to accumulate assets through alleged triangulation of money from organized crime and is even romantically related to some drug traffickers.

Previously, Ninel was linked in 2018 with the “Zar del Palenque”, Jesus Pérez Alvear, who is pointed out by the United States justice to be the alleged person responsible for money laundering in the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and the cartel Los Cuinis.

Despite the remarks in Anabel Hernández’s book, the soap opera actress commented during a meeting with the press that she is “calm” since she has “enough elements by the time you have to account”.

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