The actress Ninel Conde has expressed on social networks how grateful she feels for all the good things that have happened to her, while she did it enjoying nature and in a bathing suit

The singer Ninel Conde through her official account on her Instagram social network remains quite active, in this way she feels much closer to the more than five million followers of her that she has on the platform. The Mexican constantly likes to show each of her fans how good her figure is.
The 46-year-old actress has also shown in the application of her camera that she loves to keep her body well cared for. Therefore, she always uploads the exercise routines that she is able to perform in order to have a checkered abdomen that undoubtedly becomes the center of attention every time she wears a swimsuit.
In turn, Conde wanted to take a few seconds to express how grateful she feels for all the great things that have happened to her in life, while acknowledging that the more she gives thanks, the more wonderful things end up coming into her life.

“The magic of being grateful to God and the universe. The more you thank, the more blessings come to you”, was the message that accompanied the publication.

Internet users did not miss the opportunity to take the time to leave some comments and thus highlight the beauty of the Mexican who, without a doubt, ends up catching the eyes of those who follow her work day after day, as she wore a two-part red swimsuit on top of a yacht

“For everything she has done. For all that she will do, for the promises. The greatest proof of such a deep love”, “Will you marry me?”, “Beautiful little heart”, “You deserve all the best my queen”, “I love you my queen”, “Good weekend Ninel, good luck with your plans . Always with you”, “My platonic love forever”, “You are a very sexy friend, many greetings and congratulations”, “What a beautiful piece of female”, “Dear Ninel. You are beautiful as always”, “Wonderful woman”, “Hello Ninel, you are very beautiful, I hope you are well”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the post.

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