Nick Carter would release song dedicated to his brother, Aaron Carter

Nick Carter would release song dedicated to his brother, Aaron Carter

The youngest of the Carters was found dead last November.

A little over two months have passed since the singer Aaron Carter was found lifeless in the bathtub of his house and although his departure has been a very hard blow for his family, his brother, Nick Carter, is already preparing a project for honor his memory.

According to information published by “TMZ”, the member of the popular band Backstreet Boys wrote a song in which he narrates the complicated relationship he had with his younger brother and is now working on his next release.

According to the sources cited by the media, the interpreter of “Help me” would have composed the song shortly after the death of his brother and in it he opened his heart completely: “Nick started working on the song shortly after Aaron died, in November, and unsurprisingly, considering the history of the brothers, it’s a very emotional song,” they explained.

They also detailed that the letter expresses “Nick’s unconditional love for Aaron” and the anguish he experienced for years when he saw the problems he was involved in, especially since, apparently, he never found peace in his life. They even announced that this theme will be accompanied by a video with unpublished images of both singers.

This could have been confirmed by Carter himself, who a couple of days ago published a short clip announcing a new project and although he did not give many details about it, many have speculated that it would be about this song.

In the recording of just a few seconds, Nick appears before the camera with a sad face, while different images, such as a rose, are projected on him.

Accusations against Nick Carter

The publication of the subject is scheduled for this coming January 11, however, it would occur in the midst of the strong controversy that surrounds the famous artist after being accused of the alleged abuse of a minor.

A few weeks ago, a young woman sued Carter for allegedly having sexually assaulted her when she was barely 17 years old. The situation is complicated because, in addition to everything, the girl suffers from autism and cerebral palsy.

Although for now it is unknown how the legal process against him is going, Nick assured that these accusations are false, he even revealed that the girl would be being manipulated by someone else.

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